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About company

Lycopharm - our mission is to protect your health

At Lycopharm we believe that in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life, we first need to take care of our health. We aim to become a leading company in helping to protect people from oxidative stress and to maintain the balance of free radicals in the body.

Lycopharm Vision

Stress, unhealthy diet, dependency and the ever-present pollutants in the air, food and water are having an increasingly negative impact on our health.
Lycopharm was founded out of concern for health and is committed to being one of the leading companies that effectively support people around the world in the prevention of diseases associated with the pathological effects of free radicals such such as cancer.

Lycopharm Mission

We will cooperate with the best scientific research and medical centers in order to provide people with the cheapest and most effective antioxidant known in nature, Lycopene and to raise awareness among people and doctors about its properties and effective methods of use in cancer prevention.

Our Values



Lycopharm patented the world's first Antioxidant Drink LycopenPRO containing natural LYCOPENE with vitamin C from 100% natural sources (plant-based). It is available in 3 flavors with a guaranteed portion of 30 mg of LYCOPENE in a convenient 250 ml bottle.
LYCOPENE as well as vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant that, in the right amount, protects the human body from oxidative stress caused by excessive amounts of free radicals. Oxidative stress is one of the key risk factors for many diseases including cardiovascular disease and above all cancer.
LYCOPENE is widely known in scientific and medical communities all over the world. Year by year, the number of LYCOPENE studies is growing, confirming its health-promoting properties.
Graph of the increasing number of studies on LYCOPENE

The creator of the patent for the world's first ANTI OXIDANTLogo drink is PROF. DR HAB. PIOTR CHOMCZYŃSKI

biochemist, founder and owner of Molecular Research Center, who together with Nicoletta Sacchi developed the RNA isolation method. It was a groundbreaking invention that laid the foundation for all current blood testing and genetic research methods. According to the British newspaper "The Guardian" Prof. Chomczynski is on the 17th place among the elite of the world's "giants" of science, he is also the fifth most cited scientist in the world.
Professor Chomczyński started working on Logo,15 years ago. After many years of research, he succeeded not only in inventing a method for extracting LYCOPENE but also he transferred the laboratory method to mass production as a result, the world's first Antioxidant Drink factory was established. Despite his emigration to the USA in the 1970s, Prof. Chomczyński remained loyal/devoted to Poland and decided to produce Logo in Pobiedziska near Poznań. The facility/factory has an HACCP test and is produced using only natural selected ingredients of the highest quality.
The antioxidant drink Logo was tested by the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences under the direction of Prof. Jan Barciszewski. Prof. dr hab. Jan Barciszewski who is a world-renowned biochemist, his research interests include epigenetics and RNA molecular markers of cancer, treatment of brain tumors and other cancers, nucleic acid and protein recognition, and beauty biochemistry. He is a member of the Polish Biochemical Society and The Molecular Cell Biology Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
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